Hello world!

What does Free to be Healthy mean? It is means free from gluten and diary.

Today, I am starting a gluten-free trial, and going completely dairy free. My son and I are already (supposedly) dairy free, and I avoid soy. P is three years old, and is having poop issues. Dairy gives him eczema, not too terrible since he doesn’t get much diary. Though, he STILL has cradle cap. Dairy definitely gives me eczema. I need to eat it a few days in a row to have a reaction, but it is certainly there. I have not been very good about dairy while pregnant, I seriously crave ben & jerry’s! Last year I eliminated dairy, but found butter and cheese not to cause a problem. I have let dairy slip in though, and I want to be totally clean before the new baby comes in five weeks. I feel the dairy in my diet with P may have caused some of the sleep problems we are still experiencing! I am avoiding soy because of hypothyroidism, not an allergy.

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